AJKBoS would certainly work in futuristic prospective and therefore, not only cover the statistics generated after its establishment but also dig and compile the AJK related data collected in the past six decades. As AJKBoS is designated to cover all the past and future socio economic activities so it is mandated to perform the following multifaceted functions to meet the stated objectives:
1 Serve as AJK’s principal statistical body mandated to serve as a custodian of all the State statistics in AJK.
2 Arrange collection, compilation and tabulation of information/data on socio-economic/development sectors of the State, particularly in the light of SDGs.
3 Collect and analyze data generated by the line departments and present on desired format according to the requirements of the decision makers. 
4 Act as a representative of the State in all statistical panels (national, regional and international) and other forums.
5 Act as a statistical arm of the AJK Government between line departments and other agencies at headquarter, regional and district levels.
6 Extend technical guidance and assistance to AJK’s line departments and other state statistical cells.
7 Act as electronic data processing agency for statistical requirements of the State Government.
8 Respond to the new Statistical thematic areas like Regional Accounts, MICS, SDGs, AJK ADP  allocations, releases, utilization, etc.
9 To devise resource distribution criteria and statistical base for future planning in various sectors.
10 To develop and place an effective data production and management system, essentially based on international standards.
11 To develop effective liaison with all stakeholders’ and at all level including national/state and line departments and data generating agencies. 
12 To develop human resources, bridge capacity gaps and impart skill based as well as capacity building trainings to remove capacity gaps/deficiencies.
13 To identify and enlist development as well as socio-economic indicators for AJK and prepare the base line data for these.
14 To undertake customized and common surveys as and when required. 
15 To conduct and facilitate the evaluation and baseline studies, monitoring and evaluation assessments exercises on behalf of state and departments.
16 To produce and manage good and reliable statistics by undertaking data gathering and management exercises in professional manners.
17 To provide timely reliable and quality statistics with impartial accessibility to primary and secondary users.
18 To produce and manage statistical data and research studies based on statistical analysis.
19 To strengthen and equip statistical section P&DD and data producing & management cells/sections in line departments and other related organizations.
20 To sensitize development fraternity and advocate widely the importance of reliable statistics/ data in development process and meaningful planning.
21 To prepare a pool of skilled and trained work force to bridge the skill and capacity gaps.
22 To promote widespread data sharing culture and create conducive environment in AJK with greater intensity. 
23 To perform such other functions as government may direct from time to time.